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HI3520D V300,嵌入式Linux操作系统;
















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2019 - 10 - 09
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2019 - 10 - 09
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2019 - 10 - 09
Built-in high-performance image processing chip, H. 264 coding, high compression ratio, clear image;Supporting 4-way AHD HD or analog SD audio input, 1-way VGA output, 1-way RCA video outputSupporting...

Graphical menu operation interface (OSD menu);

User password and administrator password are managed at two levels.

HI3520D V300, embedded Linux operating system;

H.264 algorithm is used for 4-channel video compression. There are several kinds of image quality (1080P, 960P, 720P, D1, CIF, etc.) in the system.

Video High Definition Audio and Video Input, 1 Video and Audio Synchronized Output, 1 VGA Output

Support dual SD card storage, maximum support 256G; support mouse operation;

Support the configuration function of reversing image;

Special SD card bad track detection technology ensures video continuity and prolongs SD life

Built-in supercapacitor to avoid abnormal power loss and disk damage

Support intelligent power management identification, low power automatic shutdown, low power consumption

Undervoltage, short circuit, reverse connection and other protective circuits are suitable for various types of vehicles.

Supporting Unicom, Telecom or Mobile 3G Network, 4G Network;

Support receiving WIFI network;

Support computer and mobile real-time remote monitoring; (Android and APPLE system)

Built-in GPS positioning can record vehicle trajectory and speed.

Support PC playback analysis and local video playback;

Power input power supply: 8-48V; output voltage: 12V/2A;

The working temperature is - 20 C - 70 C.

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2017 - 07 - 13
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