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最新畅销产品:网约车、顺风车、出租车、嘀嘀车、物流车、货车、小轿车  高清双路(双目)一体化车载专用红外摄像机 ,双路一体摄像头






镜头:专业车载高清镜头 车前向前看采用广角2.8mm高清镜头,车内向后看采用广角2.5MM或2.1mm高清镜头



信号制式  PAL 或N制

车内方向红外采用4颗进口Φ5 IR LED灯 黑光灯,防炫目                                                                                                                                                                               


工作电压:DC 12V±2V 

工作温度: -20℃~65℃ RH95% Max










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2019 - 08 - 15
Color 1/2.7 AHD IR-CUT 1080P f=2.8mm, (wide angle 120 degrees)Infrared distance 10-15 meters; 24 LED@5*24pcs LEDAudio function (optional) + 5.00 voltage 12
2019 - 08 - 15
Color 1 / 2.7 ahd IR-cut 1080p f = 2.8mm, (wide angle 120 °)Infrared distance 10-15 meters; 24 LED @ 5 * 24pcs LEDAudio function (optional) + 5.00 voltage 12V
2019 - 08 - 15
Color 1 / 2.7 ahd IR-cut 1080p f = 2.8mm, (wide angle 120 °)With built-in audio (optional) + 5.00Infrared distance 5-10m; 12 LED @ 5 * 12pcs LED voltage 12V

The latest best-selling products: online appointment car, downwind car, taxi, ticking car, logistics car, truck, car, high-definition dual-way (binocular) integrated car-mounted special infrared camera, dual-way integrated camera

Functional characteristics:

No-disassembly installation, with special double-sided glue installation, no drilling, no damage to the car body, easy installation, front and rear cameras, suitable for all types of vehicles.

90 degree baffle fixed opening design, can arbitrarily adjust the upper and lower directions

Front of the car: lens low noise and no infrared (to prevent the windshield reflection), adjustable up and down angle

Car interior: black light, anti-dazzling

Lens: Professional vehicle-borne high-definition lens vehicle front-looking using wide-angle 2.8mm high-definition lens, car interior-backward using wide-angle 2.5MM or 2.1mm high-definition lens

Vehicle fire-proof and flame-retardant housing, exquisite appearance, high temperature resistance, camera can be adjusted up and down, easy to install.

Audio acquisition: built in audio acquisition, eliminating the tedious installation steps

Signal PAL or N

Four imported 5 IR LED black light lamps are used to prevent dazzling.

Infrared Distance: 3~6m (4 940nm_5 infrared LED)

Working Voltage: DC 12V + 2V

Working temperature: - 20 ~65 ~RH95% Max

Product characteristics:

Low power consumption, easy heat dissipation, good color reduction, clear picture quality;

Double lens design is exquisite, beautiful and fashionable.

Fashionable appearance, fire-proof and flame-retardant housing for automobiles, with special double-sided glue installation;

_Infrared automatically opens when the light is below 0 Lux.

_Imported lenses

Appearance color: black;

Special aviation interface design, camera with 2-way 3-meter double-head extension line;

Waterproof Grade: Non-waterproof

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2017 - 07 - 13
Product characteristics1. Accurate positioning. Accuracy is up to 5 meters.2. GPS+ Beidou +LBS three mode positioning.3. Functions: remote power cut, ACC detection, overspeed alarm, vibration alarm, displacement alarm4. Wide Voltage Design Support 9V-95VShould be in the fieldRental vehicles, credit vehicles, passenger vehicles, taxis, freight vehicles, etc.Equipment parametersElectrical characteristicsPower supply mode: battery supplyWorking Voltage Range: DC 9V-95VWorking current: 12V/30MA-60MADormancy current: 12V/5MA-15MABuilt-in battery capacity: 80mAH (3.7V polymer battery)Communication c...
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