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2019 - 08 - 15
Color 1/2.7 AHD IR-CUT 1080P f=2.8mm, (wide angle 120 degrees)Infrared distance 10-15 meters; 24 LED@5*24pcs LEDAudio function (optional) + 5.00 voltage 12
2019 - 08 - 15
Color 1 / 2.7 ahd IR-cut 1080p f = 2.8mm, (wide angle 120 °)Infrared distance 10-15 meters; 24 LED @ 5 * 24pcs LEDAudio function (optional) + 5.00 voltage 12V
2019 - 08 - 15
Color 1 / 2.7 ahd IR-cut 1080p f = 2.8mm, (wide angle 120 °)With built-in audio (optional) + 5.00Infrared distance 5-10m; 12 LED @ 5 * 12pcs LED voltage 12V

Product characteristics:

· The first independent defrosting module in China to solve the fogging of camera lens caused by temperature difference in outdoor environment

· High quality heating parts are selected in the camera warehouse, which makes the whole warehouse work together to form an effective anti-fogging and defogging pattern.

· The integrated structure of upper and lower spindles is adopted in Yuntai, so that the camera storehouse and infrared storehouse of Yuntai can not be bumped and dislocated.

· The platform is equipped with original voltage stabilizing module to filter the instantaneous unstable current of the vehicle and keep the platform stable.

Night vision light supplement: the platform uses imported 7 array infrared lamps, multi-group angle coordination, service life can reach 30,000 hours, night vision distance 100-120 meters

Product technical parameters:

Performance of the platform: horizontal preset speed 100 /S; vertical preset speed 80 /S; horizontal manual control speed 0 -60 /S

Vertical manual control speed 0 -40 /S; horizontal angle 360 infinite rotation; vertical angle: -90 -+90.

Preset points: 256 preset positions, 6 inspection tracks

Control mode: RS485, built-in 16 protocols, baud rate from 2400Bps to 19200Bps optional; relative humidity: less than 90%; protection level: IP66; working temperature: -35 C C +55 degree C

Power Consumption: DC10.8V-DC18V; Shock Resistance Requirements: > 4G

Wiper Function: Support; Installation Method: Various Installation Methods can be selected according to the application environment.

Weight: 6kg

Product Application: 110 Police Vehicle Mobile Law Enforcement/Fire Emergency Command/120 Emergency Command System/Road Mobile Patrol/Urban Public Security Law Enforcement/Special Vehicle Mobile Inspection

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2017 - 07 - 13
Product characteristics1. Accurate positioning. Accuracy is up to 5 meters.2. GPS+ Beidou +LBS three mode positioning.3. Functions: remote power cut, ACC detection, overspeed alarm, vibration alarm, displacement alarm4. Wide Voltage Design Support 9V-95VShould be in the fieldRental vehicles, credit vehicles, passenger vehicles, taxis, freight vehicles, etc.Equipment parametersElectrical characteristicsPower supply mode: battery supplyWorking Voltage Range: DC 9V-95VWorking current: 12V/30MA-60MADormancy current: 12V/5MA-15MABuilt-in battery capacity: 80mAH (3.7V polymer battery)Communication c...
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