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水平预置位速度 100°/S

垂直预置位速度 60°/S

水平手动控制速度 0°—60°/S

垂直手动控制速度 0°—40°/S

水平角度 360°无限位旋转

垂直角度 -90°—+90°

预置位精度 ±0.1°

预置点 256个预置位、8条巡视轨迹

雨刮功能 支持

红外灯距离 两组透镜 夜视100米

控制方式 RS485、内置PELCO D/P协议、波特率从2400Bps到19200Bps可选

相对湿度 小于90%

防护等级 IP66

工作温度 -35°C—+55°C

电源功耗 DC10.8-DC18V

抗冲击要求 ≥4G

雨刮功能 支持

安装方式 多种安装方式可选根据应用环境

重量 7kg

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Color 1/2.7 AHD IR-CUT 1080P f=2.8mm, (wide angle 120 degrees)Infrared distance 10-15 meters; 24 LED@5*24pcs LEDAudio function (optional) + 5.00 voltage 12
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Color 1 / 2.7 ahd IR-cut 1080p f = 2.8mm, (wide angle 120 °)Infrared distance 10-15 meters; 24 LED @ 5 * 24pcs LEDAudio function (optional) + 5.00 voltage 12V
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Color 1 / 2.7 ahd IR-cut 1080p f = 2.8mm, (wide angle 120 °)With built-in audio (optional) + 5.00Infrared distance 5-10m; 12 LED @ 5 * 12pcs LED voltage 12V

Product characteristics:

Independent defrosting and defrosting module was first created in China to solve the fogging of camera lens caused by temperature difference in outdoor environment in a real sense.

High quality heating parts are selected in the camera warehouse to form an effective anti-fogging and fog-removing pattern by the combined action of the whole warehouse body.

The integrated structure of upper and lower spindles is adopted, so that the camera storehouse and infrared storehouse of Yuntai can not be bumped and dislocated.

The original voltage stabilizer module is designed to filter the instantaneous unstable current of the vehicle and keep the platform stable.

The high-speed rotation of Yuntai is more smooth, and the low-speed rotation is non-jitter.

Super high strength aluminum alloy design, protection level IP66

Infrared Night Vision 100-metre Picture Quality Clarity

All-directional dead-angle monitoring of Yuntai

Yuntai performance:

Horizontal Preset Velocity 100 Degree/S

Vertical preset velocity 60 degrees/S

Horizontal Manual Control Speed 0 -60 /S

Vertical Manual Control Speed 0 -40 /S

Horizontal 360 Degree Infinite Rotation

Vertical Angle-90 Degree -+90 Degree

Precision of pre-positioning (+0.1 degree)

256 preset locations and 8 inspection trajectories of preset points

Wiper function support

Infrared lamp distance 100 meters for night vision of two groups of lenses

Control mode RS485, built-in PELCO D/P protocol, baud rate from 2400Bps to 19200Bps optional

Relative humidity less than 90%.

Protection level IP66

Working temperature - 35 C -+55 C

Power consumption dc10.8-dc18v

Shock Resistance Requirement (> 4G)

Wiper function support

Installation modes can be selected according to the application environment.

Weight 7kg

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